Alcea - canoe rental – offers two seats polyethene and inflatable canoes and equipment for trips on the Laborec, Ondava, Topľa, Latorica, Bodrog rivers including transport of rented equipment to and from a trip. In the beginning, we introduce you to canoe and equipment using.

Inflatable canoes- class Palava, which you can pack and transport by your car is a deal for all, who want to gain a better price especially 6 and less person´s groups, but not suitable for beginners. You can also take it on Domaša or Šírava water reservoir and make a sightseeing tour.

Don´t you know how to prepare for a river trip? In the section Advice and tips, we answer your questions about: what dress? What takes and what is useless?

We help you plan more trips. See the Price list of rent and transport.

If you are ready for the first trip, click on the Booking, where you can book boats. Please feel free to call, e-mail, Facebook or visit us personally if you have any questions or would like more information.

Actual information

Trip Actual level Time Situation
Humenné - Strážske 102 cm 5.8.2021 17:15
Strážske - Michalovce 102 cm 5.8.2021 17:15
Slovenská Kajňa - Hencovce 180 cm 5.8.2021 17:00
Stropkov - most Lomné 65 cm 5.8.2021 17:00
Kamenica n/Cirochou - Humenné 59 cm 5.8.2021 17:15
prítok Zemplínska Širava 137 cm 5.8.2021 17:00
Kurima - Hanušovce n/Topľou 175 cm 5.8.2021 17:15
Hanušovce n/Topľou - Sačurov 61 cm 5.8.2021 17:15
Ideal level. Very good conditions Low water level. Limited conditions
Higher level. Not suitable for beginners! Low level! Almost impassible!
Floods! Canoeing restricted!


25. 5.

Cirocha 2021

13. 5.

Laborec spring canoeing

1. 5.

Ondava clean-up 2021

Come for great products at unbeatable prices!!!

5. 9.

Pics for today´s canoeists

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