Advice and tips

At least two canoes on the river
It's very difficult to predict what might happen while on the water and in some harsh situation, a helping hand is priceless. Never venture on the canoe trip just with one canoe. And if you are paddling in the group, keep your mates within sight of so you can help them. It's important to designate one canoe to go on top and one the tail. Those two canoes should be crewed by most experienced crews and are never to be overtaken or left behind.

Don´t lose your paddle
The only way to steer and propel your canoe is with the paddle. Hold it tight while on the water (or while you are going for an unplanned swim) and keep it in sight while having a break on the shore. The paddle floats quite fast, and it can be easily lost.

Check your buoyancy vest
It's very important to wear your buoyancy vest adjusted to your body and properly buttoned. A loose and undone vest will hinder your moves when swimming and can easily get stuck on some obstacles.

Proper sitting in a canoe
To gain more control of the canoe, correct sitting is very important. Sit right in the middle of the bench, spread your legs and lean your knees and feet against sides of the canoe. This sitting posture will grant you better control of the canoe centre of gravity and make passing the rapids and fast streams much easier.

Weirs are very dangerous
When a river becomes still, and you can hear a distinct sound of falling water, it's a good sing of the weir nearby. Stop your canoe in a safe distance and have a look at it from the shore. If the towback of the weir looks strong (foamy area under the weir is longer than half of your canoe), or the weir is higher than 50 cm, don't try to canoe it! The best thing to do is to remove your canoes from the water and bypass the obstacle on the shore.

To help maintain the stability of the canoe, each member of the crew should paddle on the unique side. Having both paddles on the same side will cause you problems with manoeuvring and stability, and you are more prone to flip the canoe. When you want to switch the side of the paddling inform you mate in the canoe so he can switch his side too.

How to prepare on a one day trip

  • Wear old sneakers, trekking sandals or river shoes. Never steps bare-footed in a river.
  • Appropriate dress for swimming and tanning, suntan lotion.
  • Take extra dry clothing in a waterproof bag or barrel.
  • Bring suntan lotion and an insect repellent.
  • Take something to eat and drink, and litter bags to help keep the river clean. Drinks put in plastic covers.
  • DO NOT LITTER or destroy forests and streams. Remember to leave only your footprints when you depart!
  • Be careful when you make a fire.
  • Keep your mobile phone, camera and papers in a waterproof bag or barrel.

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