2. 12. 2017 Thank you

9. 9. 2017 Why don't you give it a try ?

12. 6. 2016 Click "view all" to see aerial footage

4. 7. 2017 Discover Huge Island

21. 5. 2017 Cirocha 2017

1. 5. 2017 Spring canoe / Race

OZ Návraty Michalovce and Alcea – canoe rental

Invite all water sports enthusiasts for Laborec spring canoe on Sunday 21st of May 2017, from Humenné to Strážske.

If you are up for a challenge you can take part at a canoe race which takes place at the same time. It’s a 10 kilometer long race in two categories C2 and K1 (two actually race in the category, there need to be at least 3 racers in it).

We meet at 12:30am near the ice hockey stadium in Humenné. Race starts at 1:00pm and it’s supposed to end at 3:30pm in Strážske – Krivošťany, just a few meters in front of the bridge.

Entry fee is 2 Euros per person and winners will be awarded. For everyone else there is a delicious Halaszle waiting at the end.

Register for the canoe trip and race at:
For more info call: Alcea 0907 503 069 | OZ Návraty 0948 497 132

28. 3. 2017 Ondava cleanup 2017

Traditional May Day cleaning Ondavy from Slovenská Kajňa to Hencovce May 1, 2017

Ships volunteers will provide Alcea - boat rental, community Kladzany bags, garbage

collection ensuring SVP sp The catchment area Bodrogu. Final goulash and beer feast

participants Restaurant Čičva.

Meeting point in Slovenská Kajňa 9.30, welcome to the rafters with their own vessels.

Candidates should be reported on at or on tel. 0907 503069 or

at fb/alcea.lodi

In case of bad weather an alternative date to May 8, 2017

14. 3. 2017 Spring 2017

17. 12. 2016

7. 9. 2016 Come to canoe in fall

7. 8. 2016 Just for Veterans

Night at Ondava

It's a brand new action for this year which will show you a well know river in completely different light. Or without it. You'll get an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of the night sky from the murmuring river.

When: 20th of August 2016, rally at 08:08 pm.
Where: In village Sedliská, under the bridge
Price: 15,- € for a canoe. (Paddlers with own boats are welcome)

Special requirements
- this action is not suitable for inexperienced paddlers!
- bring some torches with you. Although we will try to prepare the trip so they won't be needed but just to make sure.
- warm clothing. Avoid tracksuits, functional clothing is much more suitable.

26. 7. 2016 Domaša criss-cross

Beautiful weather, mirror like water surface, see for yourself - gallery.

9. 7. 2016 New delicacy in menu

Come with us to paddle on Domaša and see its beauties as might have not
seen them before. Enjoy a peaceful paddling on still water where you can
dive into the setting sun.

Where: 24th of july 2016, meeting at 02:30 pm.
Where: Krym peninsula (just before the village Nová Kelča)
Start: 03:00 pm

Finish: RO Poľany (Monika)
When: 07:00 pm

Don't forget to take a head cover, the sunglasses and a sun cream with enough
drinks to hydrate yourself.

We are planning to start on Krym peninsula, visit old Kelča's church then paddle
on the other side to visit Trepec church. From there we will padle to Zajačia Debra.
There we can continue on the left side of a reservoir to the finish or cross Domaša
once again and visit RO Dobrá, before ending on RO Poľany.

Price per boat 18,50 EUR

10. 6. 2016 Cirocha 2016 - photos

See you next year


Download photos

5. 6. 2016 Breaking report Cirocha

25. 5. 2016 Cirocha 2016

Cirocha canoe 4.6.2016
Alcea - canoe rental service and Canoe club Humenné
DamVD Starina – Lake L.A. Lackovce.

Difficulty :


Starting at:

Saturday at 10.15 am under the dam Starina

Finish at:

Lackovce – Jazero L.A. aprox. at 05.00 pm – distance 34 km.

Organized by:

Alcea – Canoe rental service
Canoe club Humenné


Everybody for it's own

Necessary euipment:
Canoe or kayak has to be secured against drowning. Neoprene, helmet and a buoyancy vest
it's a must.

Participants must be able to swim and take part in the event at their own risk.

Kontakt na usporiadateľov:
Ján Hudák

0949 192 830; 0907 503 069

Jozef Karško

0915 638 332

22. 5. 2016 Canoe Race on Laborec 2016

Second year came with more competitors and brought new energy
and new crews to the ranked positions. For those who didn't hurry
Laborec provided smooth ride on waves with beautiful scenery.

Competition was in two categories:

A1 (less than 40 years old)

1. Zaremba - Šípoš - 01:05:57
2. Hudák - Kundrátová - 01:16:04
3. Buršak - Šutáková - 01:18:07

A2 (40 years and older)

1. Reiser - Gaľo - 01:02:12
2. Kulan - Kulan - 01:12:04
3. Hudák - Duška a syn - 01:16:24

Photos from competition after clicking on link.

22. 5. 2016 Canoe with 20% discount

22. 5. 2016 Race 2016

30. 4. 2016 Ondava Cleanup 2016

Photos to download on this link.

Visit our facebook and find out more about heroes of this action.

6. 3. 2016 Spring actions 2016

1. 1. We celebrate

We celebrate 10 years in service.

9. 9. 2015 20% fall´s discount

30. 8. 2015 Video Ondava

23. 8. 2015 20% discount on Fall´s canoe

Canoe Zemplín´s rivers with HQ 20% dicsount !!! Available from 10.09.2015.

11. 8. 2015 Pics from sunday 09.08.2015

8. 8. 2015 Teambuilding photos

12. 7. 2015 Today´s photos

download selection of photos from today´s canoe

6. 6. 2015 Laborec race 2015

Download photos from today race

30. 5. 2015 20% discount on canoe

25. 5. 2015

Another photos from cirocha: Výber

6. 6. 2015 Canoe race in Humenné

  • Registration of competitors at 12:00 near the Ice Hockey Stadion in HE
  • Start at 13:00 from under the bridge in HE
  • Finish in Strážske, right before the bridge.
  • Distance 10 km, difficulty ZWC
  • Categories C2 - two-seater canoe, K1 - kayak

If you want to join the race or to book canoe, send us an email

18. 5. 2015 Photos for download

First part from Cirocha: Jumping
Other photos will be available in a short time.

16. 5. 2015 Action on Cirocha was superb

It was a really nice action. Another actions will follow

1. 5. 2015

14. 2. 2015 Canoe spring´s programm

14. 8. 2014 Canoe trip on Ondava

It wasn't hot at all. Photos in gallery (link)

7. 7. 2014 Photos from 19th year of Zemplin's river canoe

Photos in the gallery

10. 6. 2014 Remarks to new water policy

25. 5. 2014 New album in photo gallery

Have a look on the photos from canoe trip on Cirocha and Laborec. It was quite
massive action with at least 50 boats and people from all around Slovakia. (link)

25. 5. 2014 Canoe of the Cirocha river continue today

10. 4. 2014 Laborec and Cirocha canoe trip

na trase: Hrádza VD Starina – Strážske most Krivošťany.

Náročnosť: 1. Etapa WWI- WWII, 2. Etapa WWI, ZWC

Začiatok splavu: v sobotu o 12.30 hod pri moste pod hrádzou VD Starina

Ukončenie 1. etapy: v Dlhom nad Cirochou pri ihrisku asi o 17.hodine - dlžka etapy 23 km

Začiatok 2. etapy: v nedeľu o 9.00 hod v Dlhom nad Cirochou

Ukončenie splavu: v Strážskom pri moste asi o 14.30 hod
SVP š.p. prisľúbil nadlepšenie prietoku v uvedených dňoch v predpokladanom čase splavu

Usporiadatelia: Alcea – Požičovňa lodí a KST Loko Humenné

Stravovanie a ubytovanie: Z vlastných zásob a vo vlastných stanoch

Doprava účastníkov a lodí: Vo vlastnej réžii

Vystrojenie posádky: plavidlo – kanoe, kajak, raft musí byť zabezpečené proti potopeniu
Doporučujeme neoprény - teplota vody 4o C, prilba plávacia vesta.

Bezpečnostné predpisy: Účastníci splavu musia byť dobrými plavcami a štartujú na vlastné nebezpečenstvo.

Kontakt na usporiadateľov: 0949 192 830, 0907 503 069 0908 487 485

Viac informácii o rieke

18. 8. Short canoe movie produced by guys from Kladzany

29. 6. 2013 Gain 20% discount during season !

13. 5. 2013 Elementary School, physical education

4. 5. 2013 Cleaning of Ondava or How We Made sh*t Done

10. 4. 2013 Plus the attention that

with 20% discount going until the end of June!

10. 4. 2013 Teachers free

Teaching staff (teachers / professors / PhD, etc.) going for free. (paid at a ratio of 1 teacher to 6 wards)

1. 7. 2012 We cut prices!

See sections: First Time, Trips and Price list

18. 3. 2012 Udava, first time 2012´s canoe

1. 8. 2011 This show you can live on the Laborec right now!!!

8. 7. 2011 Splav Laborca z Koškoviec do Humenného

Vydarený splav ktorý nepokazila ani búrka s ľadovcom.

29. 7. 2010 First canoe of the Výrava creek!!!

After few rainy days the water level on the wild creek Výrava was suitable for canoeing. Narrow, fast and full of rapids. Difficulty level - WW 3. See pictures below.

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